Rabbit and Blanket Comforter 

Alfie is nearly 21 months old and for the last month or so, he has been getting very attached to he’s knitted blanket. He had it since he was born but until recently its become it comforter. Had to use the blanket at night time, for naps and for going out in the pushchair. It’s great as it is very warm knitted blanket and big enough as it can still wrap he up well too. It’s so cute how he’s become so attached to this one blanket but not to sure why now though. Is it a toddler stage thing? 

Recently I got him a Jellycat brand Rabbit and Alfie never really been interested in soft toys, nearly plays with them for 5 minutes and then probably won’t see them again until the whole toy box is out on the floor. But when I handed the rabbit to Alfie he played with all evening and since then, been about two weeks. He brushes the rabbits hair, feeds him and cuddles him for nap time too. It’s so adorable to see him play and take care of his soft toy. Maybe it’s because the rabbit is so soft, light and definitely cuddly for a toddler. Luckily at the moment the rabbit can stay indoors most of the time though, while we go outside. Unless Alfie picks it up to take with us. 

It is so cute that they have a comforter and can settle down with a blanket or a soft teddy. As Alfie mostly want to cuddle up to me it make a difference and maybe he just wants to be more independent as he’s growing up. Can be a pain when he wants to cuddle up with a big blanket and rabbit in my arms.  Has anyone else little toddler got attached to blankets or soft toys later on too? 

From Lacey 


Alfie’s first time at the wow circus. 

We took Alfie to the circus for the first time a couple of weeks ago, it was a first for all three of us too. Well that we can remember for us parents. We all actually had amazing fun and was such a laugh. Alfie was a bit nervous at first due to the loud noises and so much going on, but after 10-15 minutes he started enjoying it and couldn’t keep his eyes of everything. 

The circus was filled with magic tricks, dancing, roller blading, acts with fire, even had a motorbike on a wire and a lot of acrobats and comedy too. There was at least around 50 different acts on in the hour and half. 

Alfie was really behaved most of the time, we had one crying moment that didn’t last long. Was very happy how well he was and how interested he was in the circus, especially when he’s only 20 months old. Out of most of the acts Alfie loved watching the dancing, acrobats and the light up hula hoops. 

By the end of the show Alfie was standing up dancing and clapping his hands in time with the music and everyone else. He was laughing during the circus show too and was very interested in the bright coloured lighting. So glad the three of use had a lovely time and enjoyed every moment of it. 

One thing we made sure on is that we told a lot of different toddler snaps and plenty of drink for Alfie and us, as it can get warm in the circus and great to have plenty of snaps for little ones to help them keep going through the show. Would differently recommend wow circus and would definitely take Alfie again next time when it’s about. Is a great family experience too. 

From Lacey 


Getting on a Bus 

To be able to travel around we have to mostly go by bus to get to places. Most of the time it’s easy to get onto a bus with a pushchair and there’s sometimes a lot of space to be able to sit down to relax too. But sometimes it can be a right pain to get onto the bus, especially when there’s no space for the pushchair and you have to wait for the next bus to come along. A lot of the time I can’t fold up the pushchair as I might be on my own, have a lot of shopping or Alfie is fast a sleep and don’t want to be waking up a sleeping baby. 

Yesterday was a right pain to get the bus as we had to miss the first bus that came along as it was full, well I say full, it was because someone didn’t want to stand up next to there pushchair and there was a shopping trolley next to another pushchair. That’s one thing that annoys me is the shopping trolleys taking up the space when a wheelchair, elderly or a pushchair can be in that space. I like to give up my space of sitting down to someone to be able to get on with there pushchair. Especially for a wheelchair too. 

Really annoys me all the talk about the pushchairs taking up the space but I find it’s the parent that don’t want to give up there seat or place a empty pushchair in that space when someone can’t get onto the bus. Or the shopping trolleys that are parked up in a line so no one can use the space at all. It’s just manors at the end of the day to give up the space for wheelchairs or elderly or for another pushchair. As you don’t know if someone is in a rush to get somewhere or are tired out from there travels. 

I’m one that doesn’t mind public transport and always enjoyed traveling but since being a parent I’ve found it difficult to get on with traveling on public transport. 

From Lacey 


Organix Goodies Snack Review

For the last week Alfie has been trying out some of his favourite jelly treats Organix Goodies. We got a box of different type of gummies like blackcurrant and apple stars, strawberry and apple gummies and raspberry and apple moos. Out of all three the blackcurrant and apple is Alfie’s favourite ones. 

All three packs have a strong sweet taste of the mixed fruit within them and they all taste amazing. Even tried each of them myself and wouldn’t mind these snacks for myself too. Luckily Alfie is a great eater and doesn’t find these difficult to eat too, probably would recommend them once your little one is 12 months old and can eat well, as they are small gummies. The snacks are also great for when your out and about and easy for your little one to eat mostly on there own. 

All of the Organix goodies are made with organic ingredients, which is amazing for a growing baby/ toddler. Especially to help get more goodness of fruit into your children through tasty treats. 

We have mostly used Organix Goodies products like strawberry & banana porridge, carrot sticks, gingerbreadmen and soft oaty bars. Alfie has enjoyed a lot of the products, especially when it was the weaning stage. We love going for the organic snacks for Alfie so you know the product is not filled with junk. Definitely would recommend Organix Goodies to anyone that is weaning or has a toddler that likes to snack. 

From Lacey x


Just a simple Easter Toddler Day. 

Happy easter everyone and hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. 

Today we had a lovely simple Easter Day and spend the day as a family. We planed a  little Easter egg hunt in the garden for Alfie, as he doesn’t really understand easter that much yet. He was so excited at first with his little carrot baskets but got a little bit bored of find the eggs and thought the slide would be more fun to roll the plastic eggs down on. Good job they were plastic eggs. 

Also we have Alfie his first Easter egg today and he got very excited about getting a sweet treat. Even got a few cute photos too. Alfie found the Easter egg funny and totally  enjoyed every bite. Luckily he’s good when it comes to treats like white chocolate and doesn’t scream the place down when we had to take it off of him. Just was grumpy for a little bit. Maybe it cause we don’t give him that much chocolate. 

We ended the day with a lovely roast at the mothers and watching a few movies like Hop. Always great to finish the day with a cup of tea and a piece of Easter egg. 


Alfie’s Walking

So finally at 18 months old Alfie has had the confidence to be able to walk by his self. After months of holding his hand for support and walking back and forward to me and Nathan, he’s now off on his own. Think I got so excited when Alfie started standing up on his own, poor kid probably didn’t know what to think when his mum is overly clapping and cheering at him. I find it’s a bit emotional when little Alfie wants to be independent and doesn’t need much of mummy’s help anymore. But at the same time there’s a lot more things for Alfie to learn and he make us very proud parents. 

The other day we decided to get Alfie his first pair of shoes. We went to clarks as there shoes are very supportive for little walkers and we have heard amazing reviews about there footwear for babies. Alfie was very excited to try on different shoes and we decided on getting him a green/dark blue camouflaged pair of shoes. He found them very easy to walk around in and they fit perfectly to his feet but with a little bit to grow into. Alfie still walks around as a robot though, with his arms out and a little waddle but so cute too. We would definitely recommend clarks for toddler first walking shoes as they fit perfectly and really do help them walk much better. 

Alfie is definitely an outdoor baby and his walking has improved a lot outside too. His slowly getting use to wear his littlelife buzz lightyear backpack and they amazing to help support the little ones and to keep them close too. It’s so funny how excited Alfie gets when he wants to go outside and even lets you know as he say ‘out’ and points at the door. This is when I wish we life in a house with a big garden, just for little Alfie. 

It’s so crazy how quickly they can learn something new and how quick they grow up too. We love watching every second our little Alfie growing up. 

From Lacey 


Eating On The Go 

It’s been another one of those type of days where you just don’t have time to eat properly and have to eat while getting ready or on the go. Normal parent day I suppose. 

This morning I really didn’t have much time at all, as I had to get myself ready for work and little Alfie ready too. So just before leaving I managed to quickly eat some of my cereal, which never tastes the same when your in a rush. 

After having to rush to work and done a 4hour shift, I had to get little Alfie and go food shopping. Finally around 3pm I got to eat a sandwich on the way home. Which had to open very quietly so that I didn’t have to share. Mean but every parent does it right? Isn’t easy trying to push a pushchair, while carrying food shopping and trying to stuff your face with a sandwich. But did give up after half of it till I got home though. 

It’s amazing how you learn new skill when becoming a parent and being able to multi task, especially when your on the go or having a busy day. Luckily not everyday is like that and we get to enjoy our three meals a day properly together. 

From Lacey