Rabbit and Blanket Comforter 

Alfie is nearly 21 months old and for the last month or so, he has been getting very attached to he’s knitted blanket. He had it since he was born but until recently its become it comforter. Had to use the blanket at night time, for naps and for going out in the pushchair. It’s great as it is very warm knitted blanket and big enough as it can still wrap he up well too. It’s so cute how he’s become so attached to this one blanket but not to sure why now though. Is it a toddler stage thing? 

Recently I got him a Jellycat brand Rabbit and Alfie never really been interested in soft toys, nearly plays with them for 5 minutes and then probably won’t see them again until the whole toy box is out on the floor. But when I handed the rabbit to Alfie he played with all evening and since then, been about two weeks. He brushes the rabbits hair, feeds him and cuddles him for nap time too. It’s so adorable to see him play and take care of his soft toy. Maybe it’s because the rabbit is so soft, light and definitely cuddly for a toddler. Luckily at the moment the rabbit can stay indoors most of the time though, while we go outside. Unless Alfie picks it up to take with us. 

It is so cute that they have a comforter and can settle down with a blanket or a soft teddy. As Alfie mostly want to cuddle up to me it make a difference and maybe he just wants to be more independent as he’s growing up. Can be a pain when he wants to cuddle up with a big blanket and rabbit in my arms.  Has anyone else little toddler got attached to blankets or soft toys later on too? 

From Lacey 


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