Alfie’s first time at the wow circus. 

We took Alfie to the circus for the first time a couple of weeks ago, it was a first for all three of us too. Well that we can remember for us parents. We all actually had amazing fun and was such a laugh. Alfie was a bit nervous at first due to the loud noises and so much going on, but after 10-15 minutes he started enjoying it and couldn’t keep his eyes of everything. 

The circus was filled with magic tricks, dancing, roller blading, acts with fire, even had a motorbike on a wire and a lot of acrobats and comedy too. There was at least around 50 different acts on in the hour and half. 

Alfie was really behaved most of the time, we had one crying moment that didn’t last long. Was very happy how well he was and how interested he was in the circus, especially when he’s only 20 months old. Out of most of the acts Alfie loved watching the dancing, acrobats and the light up hula hoops. 

By the end of the show Alfie was standing up dancing and clapping his hands in time with the music and everyone else. He was laughing during the circus show too and was very interested in the bright coloured lighting. So glad the three of use had a lovely time and enjoyed every moment of it. 

One thing we made sure on is that we told a lot of different toddler snaps and plenty of drink for Alfie and us, as it can get warm in the circus and great to have plenty of snaps for little ones to help them keep going through the show. Would differently recommend wow circus and would definitely take Alfie again next time when it’s about. Is a great family experience too. 

From Lacey 


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