Getting on a Bus 

To be able to travel around we have to mostly go by bus to get to places. Most of the time it’s easy to get onto a bus with a pushchair and there’s sometimes a lot of space to be able to sit down to relax too. But sometimes it can be a right pain to get onto the bus, especially when there’s no space for the pushchair and you have to wait for the next bus to come along. A lot of the time I can’t fold up the pushchair as I might be on my own, have a lot of shopping or Alfie is fast a sleep and don’t want to be waking up a sleeping baby. 

Yesterday was a right pain to get the bus as we had to miss the first bus that came along as it was full, well I say full, it was because someone didn’t want to stand up next to there pushchair and there was a shopping trolley next to another pushchair. That’s one thing that annoys me is the shopping trolleys taking up the space when a wheelchair, elderly or a pushchair can be in that space. I like to give up my space of sitting down to someone to be able to get on with there pushchair. Especially for a wheelchair too. 

Really annoys me all the talk about the pushchairs taking up the space but I find it’s the parent that don’t want to give up there seat or place a empty pushchair in that space when someone can’t get onto the bus. Or the shopping trolleys that are parked up in a line so no one can use the space at all. It’s just manors at the end of the day to give up the space for wheelchairs or elderly or for another pushchair. As you don’t know if someone is in a rush to get somewhere or are tired out from there travels. 

I’m one that doesn’t mind public transport and always enjoyed traveling but since being a parent I’ve found it difficult to get on with traveling on public transport. 

From Lacey 


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