Organix Goodies Snack Review

For the last week Alfie has been trying out some of his favourite jelly treats Organix Goodies. We got a box of different type of gummies like blackcurrant and apple stars, strawberry and apple gummies and raspberry and apple moos. Out of all three the blackcurrant and apple is Alfie’s favourite ones. 

All three packs have a strong sweet taste of the mixed fruit within them and they all taste amazing. Even tried each of them myself and wouldn’t mind these snacks for myself too. Luckily Alfie is a great eater and doesn’t find these difficult to eat too, probably would recommend them once your little one is 12 months old and can eat well, as they are small gummies. The snacks are also great for when your out and about and easy for your little one to eat mostly on there own. 

All of the Organix goodies are made with organic ingredients, which is amazing for a growing baby/ toddler. Especially to help get more goodness of fruit into your children through tasty treats. 

We have mostly used Organix Goodies products like strawberry & banana porridge, carrot sticks, gingerbreadmen and soft oaty bars. Alfie has enjoyed a lot of the products, especially when it was the weaning stage. We love going for the organic snacks for Alfie so you know the product is not filled with junk. Definitely would recommend Organix Goodies to anyone that is weaning or has a toddler that likes to snack. 

From Lacey x


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