Just a simple Easter Toddler Day. 

Happy easter everyone and hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. 

Today we had a lovely simple Easter Day and spend the day as a family. We planed a  little Easter egg hunt in the garden for Alfie, as he doesn’t really understand easter that much yet. He was so excited at first with his little carrot baskets but got a little bit bored of find the eggs and thought the slide would be more fun to roll the plastic eggs down on. Good job they were plastic eggs. 

Also we have Alfie his first Easter egg today and he got very excited about getting a sweet treat. Even got a few cute photos too. Alfie found the Easter egg funny and totally  enjoyed every bite. Luckily he’s good when it comes to treats like white chocolate and doesn’t scream the place down when we had to take it off of him. Just was grumpy for a little bit. Maybe it cause we don’t give him that much chocolate. 

We ended the day with a lovely roast at the mothers and watching a few movies like Hop. Always great to finish the day with a cup of tea and a piece of Easter egg. 


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