Alfie’s Walking

So finally at 18 months old Alfie has had the confidence to be able to walk by his self. After months of holding his hand for support and walking back and forward to me and Nathan, he’s now off on his own. Think I got so excited when Alfie started standing up on his own, poor kid probably didn’t know what to think when his mum is overly clapping and cheering at him. I find it’s a bit emotional when little Alfie wants to be independent and doesn’t need much of mummy’s help anymore. But at the same time there’s a lot more things for Alfie to learn and he make us very proud parents. 

The other day we decided to get Alfie his first pair of shoes. We went to clarks as there shoes are very supportive for little walkers and we have heard amazing reviews about there footwear for babies. Alfie was very excited to try on different shoes and we decided on getting him a green/dark blue camouflaged pair of shoes. He found them very easy to walk around in and they fit perfectly to his feet but with a little bit to grow into. Alfie still walks around as a robot though, with his arms out and a little waddle but so cute too. We would definitely recommend clarks for toddler first walking shoes as they fit perfectly and really do help them walk much better. 

Alfie is definitely an outdoor baby and his walking has improved a lot outside too. His slowly getting use to wear his littlelife buzz lightyear backpack and they amazing to help support the little ones and to keep them close too. It’s so funny how excited Alfie gets when he wants to go outside and even lets you know as he say ‘out’ and points at the door. This is when I wish we life in a house with a big garden, just for little Alfie. 

It’s so crazy how quickly they can learn something new and how quick they grow up too. We love watching every second our little Alfie growing up. 

From Lacey 


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