Eating On The Go 

It’s been another one of those type of days where you just don’t have time to eat properly and have to eat while getting ready or on the go. Normal parent day I suppose. 

This morning I really didn’t have much time at all, as I had to get myself ready for work and little Alfie ready too. So just before leaving I managed to quickly eat some of my cereal, which never tastes the same when your in a rush. 

After having to rush to work and done a 4hour shift, I had to get little Alfie and go food shopping. Finally around 3pm I got to eat a sandwich on the way home. Which had to open very quietly so that I didn’t have to share. Mean but every parent does it right? Isn’t easy trying to push a pushchair, while carrying food shopping and trying to stuff your face with a sandwich. But did give up after half of it till I got home though. 

It’s amazing how you learn new skill when becoming a parent and being able to multi task, especially when your on the go or having a busy day. Luckily not everyday is like that and we get to enjoy our three meals a day properly together. 

From Lacey 


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