Mother’s Day 

Happy Mother’s Day to you lovely mummy’s. 

Being a mother is the most rewarding part of my life and has shown me new strengths and weaknesses of becoming a parent. Just love having our little baby looking up to me everyday and helping him learn Day by day. It’s so scary how time flies by and little Alfie growing up way to quickly. Love you my little cheeky monkey. 

Today for Mother’s Day Alfie gave us a nice lay in and got a lovely cup of tea, with cards and presents in bed. From lunch time we spent a few hours at romsey park with my lovely family and enjoyed listening to a brass band in the background. Always love having family time and great memories. Alfie enjoyed getting to walk around as much as he wanted and getting to see the ducks. Luckily the weather was lovely today, which is fantastic for British weather at the end of march. Now getting to relax at home for the evening, enjoying chicken with nachos and some good old movies. Must say it’s been a great day for all. 

Last of all, I would like to say thank you to my beautiful nutty mother for always being there for all of us and for being amazing nana to little Alfie. 

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. 

From Lacey 


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