Product Reviews

Paddy’s Bubble Bath

We absolutely love Paddy’s bath time products, as they have amazing scent to them and always great for a bubble bath. Since Alfie was a few months old we been using some of Paddy’s bath products such as Tangy Tangerines bubble bath and Squirty Stuff Pineapples hair & body wash. Paddy’s products has helped a lot for Alfie’s eczema as they are natural and even organic ingredients and helps protect the little ones skin.

We got sent this Paddy’s gentle baby bubble bath and have been using this in Alfie bath time routines for about a week now. The products has a cute natural design of a turtle on it and is created for sensitive skin. The bubble bath is so gentle on the little ones skin and its great to use in bed time baths, to help them calm down before bed. Definitely have noticed the bubble bath has helped relax Alfie and has kept his skin nice and soft. Paddy’s bubble bath has a lovely blossom scent to it and creates a lot of bubbles, which is always a plus side as its more fun for little Alfie.


Really don’t have to use much of Paddy’s products in the bath, which is great when your toddler likes to get messy and loves his bath times. Have to admit that I even love using this natural product when I have a bath, think that baby products just smell so much better.

Overall we love Paddy’s bath products and would recommend them to everyone with little baby and toddlers, that what to protect their skin or help with sensitive or eczema skin. Really has help with Alfie’s skin and has made a lot of difference for bath time routines. Most of all every time you buy Paddy’s products they help out with a charity called Just a Drop, which helps children get clean and safe water.



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