Sleepless nights 

Sleep what sleep, can’t remember the last time I had a good night sleep. Since having Alfie and doing the three hour night feeds throughout the night, I’ve been finding it difficult to get myself back into a normal sleep routine. 

Most of the day I fee like I’m walking around like a zombie, as throughout the night I’m mostly waking up every few hours or less than that. Sometimes can be awake for a few hours during the night. Don’t even know why I keep on waking up for, not really been thinking of anything. Most of the time feels like I’m just waiting to do a night feed, but that stopped months ago. 

After 19 months thought the sleep routine would be getting back to normal by now. Alfie didn’t start properly going through the night until he was 10-12 months and still now he doesn’t always have a good night sleep too. Really glad that he’s always had a good bed time routine though and in bed from 8pm. So get plenty of time to myself just a shame I can’t sleep. 

Over time I’ve tried new routine to help sleep like warm relaxing baths, lavender bedding spray and even new pillows but just no luck. If anyone has any ideas to getting back into a sleep routine then please let me know by commenting. Be great to hear and have some advise. 😊 


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