Alfie First Trip To Long Down Dairy Farm


During the week we took Alfie to the Farm for the first time and the three of us had a fantastic day. We got to the farm just before lunch time to have our picnic first and spent around four hours wondering around the farm seeing the animals. Long down dairy farm is a small farm but with a lot of activities to do within the day.


After our lunch we started walking slowly around the farm, as Alfie has only started walking properly and the first animals Alfie noticed was a very cute family of goats. He was so excited to see them and didn’t want to move away from them. We finally got Alfie to walk on to see even more goats and a couple of massive bulls and he started to moo at them. Just got to love children imaginations, as they think they can talk to animals, especially if you got a little chatter box like Alfie and they have to make every animal noise as the go passed each animal. One noisy child.


At certain times at the farm, there are activities that you can all join in throughout the day. We took part in a couple of them, firstly Alfie and Nathan took part in the baby animal encounter. They got to hold a little chick, well Nathan kept hold of the baby chick as we wasn’t to sure how Alfie was going to be. Soon as Alfie sure the chick he got super excited and couldn’t stop bouncing in his seat, well more like a hay stack. Truly I think Nathan was more excited to hold the baby chick the most. Just love how happy it make you feel as a parent to see your little one get so excited over new experiences.


The next Activity we did was bottle feed the baby goat kids, which have to admit I was the big kid this time and was very excited to feed a little goat. When they handed me the bottle for the kids, I was holding Alfie for the activity and he general thought the bottle was his, until I moved away. The bottle was huge, so don’t know how he thought it was his. He wasn’t happy at all until the baby goat came running over and Alfie started laughing as the goat was drinking from the bottle. It’s so cute how he kept on finding the goats funny. He didn’t seem to want to hold the bottle though as he seemed a bit nervous. Was such a great memory for us all and one story to tell Alfie as he grows up.

The funny moment of our trip out was when Alfie and I was walking over to the goats and we noticed one of them was near the gate. So Alfie held onto the gate to pull his self up and have a look, but as he did the goat touched Alfie’s hand and made him jump. We all got the giggles for a while after this and even little Alfie thought it was very funny.


Great thing about the farm is that theres plenty of places to wash your hand at but Alfie thinks its great to do this every time we see a tap. It amazes me how they learn so quickly too. We spent a bit of time in the park, where Alfie got to go on his favourite, the swings and little face light up.

Long Down Dairy farm has been in both of our childhoods and we both really enjoyed the farm experiences when we were little. We are so happy to be able to share our experiences with our own child and to be able to create our own little family memories. The farm is based in Ashurts, within the Newforest area and is a fantastic family day out, especially for feeding and holding animals. Within the farm there a nice little tearoom and a soft area for the little ones to meet new friends in. At the end of the trip there a great little gift shop to wonder around in, which I enjoy doing and a small farm fresh food shop too.

We had a amazing day and can’t wait to go again, loved every moment of the day and the memories that we created for our little family and Alfie to cherish. Best part of being a parent is being able to created little special days out like these and to capture new experiences for your little one.



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