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Fruit bowl review 

Alfie always loves his healthy snacks and I was so happy when Fruit bowl said they are going to send out a few snacks to try. We were so excited when this amazing box came through the post and we couldn’t wait to find out what goodies were inside the box. Was so pleased with the amount of different type of Fruit bowl snacks that was inside, as Alfie has only tried out the yogurt flakes and fruit bars before and really enjoyed them. In the Fruit bowl box there was three different flavours of yogurt flakes, picked & pressed bar, blackcurrant flakes, raisons and two different fruit peelers. They also included some really smart animal stickers which has some fun facts on the back of them, which is great to teach the littles ones something new.

The first snack that Alfie went for was the fruit peeler and he really enjoyed it and even found it fun to pull the peeler apart. Have to say that I tried the fruit peeler to and thought they were delicious. Even the yogurt flakes tasted great and sometimes for breakfast I would put them into the porridge to add texture and different flavour, which Alfie seems to enjoy. The blackcurrant flakes were Alfie’s favourite snack from the boxes and definitely will be buying more of them for him. Mostly been using the fruit bowls for snack times, which we do in between meal times and are fantastic when your traveling about.

We really try our best to keep Alfie to eat healthy snacks like fresh fruit, organic toddler snacks and natural real fruit snacks. It isn’t always easy to keep little ones on a healthy diets as theres so many types of food and they always prefer to eat the sweet type of foods. I find that Fruit bowl is a fantastic idea for a quick snack and to know that your helping your little one to eat healthy. There products are always sweet and taste amazing, which is great for a hungry toddler. Would definitely recommend Fruit bowl to anyone who got a little one who enjoys sweet and healthy snacks, also great for yourself to try out too.


Thank you to fruit bowl for sending us these lovely products and we really enjoyed trying out the different variety of snacks that are available to little ones to eat. Amazing products for healthy eating and to help children to try something new.


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