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Childs Farm Review


Since Alfie was one month old and started showing signs of eczema, we changed the bath products to only organic and natural ingredients. With a new born baby you want to help protect there sensitive skin and natural is always the best way. Child Farm was one of the first brands that we used as a baby body wash and bubble bath. The products smell amazing and has a strong scent of fresh fruit. Even have to admit that I’ve used the bubble bath myself as it smells so great.

Last couple of days we got the chances to try out Childs Farm new baby range for the delicate skin and hair. We recieved a baby essential set, which included a baby bedtime bubbles, baby moisturiser, baby oil and nappy cream. Each night we have included these products into Alfie’s bedtime routine of bath, bottle and then bed time. (The three B’s). First we tried out the bedtime bubbles, which smells great and best of all creates a lot of bubbles just with a small amount in the water. The bubble bath contain organic tangerine oils and helps moisturise the baby’s skin. Also brilliant for a calming bedtime.

After the bath time the baby oil has been amazing with Alfie’s eczema and his dry skin. Also it has helped a lot to calm little Alfie down before bedtime. The baby oil contains organic coconut to help hydrate the skin. Have to say this has been the best product that actually calm and relaxes a toddler before going to sleep.

For the baby moisturiser we have been using as in the morning on the eczema and has helped with his delicate skin. The baby Moisturiser contains Shea and Cocoa butter. Definitely helps to protect the little ones skin.

The nappy cream contains aloe to help prevent any irritations and is suitable for the sensitive skin.


Overall we are very happy with the new range of Childs Farm products and definitely will carry on using the natural products. Seen so much change in Alfie’s skin using organic range. Would highly recommend Childs Farm products to anyone who has a baby or child with sensitive or dry skin.


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