Alfie’s Birth Story 

It’s 19 months a bit late in telling my birth story but I’m finally getting around to telling the day we become parents.

Everyday I still feel overwhelmed to become a mother to my beautiful little boy Alfie. Still this day I get emotional over the pregnancy and the birth, as it wasn’t easy at all.

From the start the pregnancy wasn’t that easy with bad morning sickness, headaches and stomach pains. We were in and out of the doctors and hospital the whole way through the pregnancy. From 3 months of the pregnancy I began finding it hard to walk as I got pin and needles in my legs, which wasn’t easy when your at university in Wales. We had a few scare along the way, especially at 32 weeks when the little one decided he was going to try to come out and I was getting back contractions, luckily I was back at home by this time and was rushed a bit of a distance away to Portsmouth hospital. Where they luckily stopped the contractions and had to stay in for a week. A few weeks later I was rushed to another hospital in sailsbury, which end up being a faulse alarm. Little one was just playing us up at this stage. After the painful pregnancy and seeing different doctors and hospitals, our little one finally decided to come two weeks late.

Wish I can say the birth story ended up being amazing but it wasn’t at all for me. It’s a day that we all can remember as a traumatic experience and one I’m not to sure I would like to go through again.

The labour pains started off around 10am in the morning on the 27 August 2015. By this time I know this was going to finally be the day that we been awaiting for. At 3pm I had the midwife out and was told I was only 1cm dilated. So the excercise ball began to be my best friend for the next couple of hours. The labour pains started to get a lot stronger and luckily we got given a tens machine, which help to eases the pain a little bit. Around 7pm I had the midwife and a lovely trainee out again, it was good news that was at 4cm and we can finally make our way into hospital.

In hospital I had my lovely mum, who decided to wear a bright yellow spongebob top and found it would help to cheer the mood and to get my through the labour quicker. Well it was one thing that I can remember staring at thinking I’m definitely going to hide that too after this. Also had my amazing fiance in the room, who was so caring the whole way through the pregnancy. Soon as I got to hospital this is when it all went down hill. While the midwife was doing the health checks, little ones heart beats slowly started going higher as he was getting to tired. I had to start drinking plenty of water as I didn’t have much during the day and to see if this would help. Around 9pm my blood pressure started going higher and they told me if things don’t change then I would be having a emergency caesarean. Really didn’t want to have a c stecion as I was to scared of the epidural. As the time went on me and baby wasn’t doing great at all and the doctors decided it was best to go with the emergency caesarean. By this time I want my baby out safe and started to feel excited that we can finally see our little one.

Around 11pm the doctors prepared for the birth and took told my partner to get ready to go down to the threatre room. Was so scared when it was time for the epidural but the relieve afterwards when the labour pains was slowly going was great. Just remembered that I made sure I didn’t move too when the needle went in. Wish I could say that the epidural lasted but it didn’t at all, half way through I started feeling all the ripping and tugging as they were trying to get our little one out. Thankfully I had a lovely Anesthesiologist who talked me through each staged and helped me with the pain with gas and air. Also had my fiancé sat right next to me holding my hand the whole way through.

Finally the moment we have been waiting for our little baby boy was born at 00:40 and weighed at 8 pound 5 ounces. The emotion kicked in and we had tears in our eyes as our healthy little boy Alfie was finally here. They passed alfie to his Daddy and we couldn’t stop staring at him. As the doctors were finishing, Nathan had to go back to the other room. When it was time for me to go back I finally got to hold my baby and just didn’t want to let go.

Once we were all back in the same room I managed to breastfeed little Alfie for 30 mins and have skin to skin contact. We were thinking everything we going great until I started feeling drained and looking very off colour. At the point Alfie got put into his cot where we was dressed and then got taken to the nursery for a check up. Was so glad at this moment that Nathan went with him and didn’t have to see what happened next. Literally as they went out of the room, I went down hill and started loosing a lot of blood. In totally I lost 6 pints of blood and can always remember the weird shape my stomach went as my womb stopped contracting. I ended up going back into threatre to put back to sleep to have op and two lots of blood transfusions. The medical teams that were working at the time were amazing and help me stay calm the whole way through. The surgeon was fantastic and luckily I got a small baby birth scare to remember my baby birth. After the op I was in intensive unit for 24 hours and then was on a labour ward for nearly two weeks, as I found it deficult to move and luckily had Nathan staying with us most of the time to help out throughout the nights. Even though it took me three months to start feeling better after having Alfie. I wouldn’t change any of it as I finally got to be a mother to a beautiful son, who is such a happy boy and has such a funny character. We feel so blessed to have a baby and to finally be a little family of our own.

Labour isn’t always easy and you never get told the down sides during the pregnancy unless you read about them yourself. Still to this day I still don’t know if I could go through having another baby again as it was such a experience I wouldn’t forget. Hopefully I haven’t scared to many people and remember it’s not the same for everyone.

Would love to say thank you to my fiancé, mum and my amazing family and friends that have always been there every step of the way. Couldn’t of done it without you all.



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