First Blog: Hello There

Hello there I would like to start with saying it is very difficult to think of what to write first on a blog, especially when you have a lists of subjects written down to talk about. 

To be begin with I would like to introduce myself, my name is Lacey Wheeler and I am 23 years old. I am engaged to my lovely finance Nathan Lamb and am a mother to a beautiful little boy Alfie, who is 18 months. I’m a freelancer photographer and recently dusted off my sewing machine to begin making baby items. The last few years I have mostly been sharing our little family life and stories on Instagram. Now would love to use my blog to be allowed to share our life stories, my passion for photography and to be able to share my experiences of becoming a mother and the traumatic labour, which I hope I’ll never go through again. The most important part of my life that I going to be sharing with you all is how I’ve been dealing with post natal depression, which I have mostly kept a secret to be able to find my own way. Which I must say thank you to my lovely family for the support. 

I’m looking forward to sharing our daily life activities, capturing of our family life and would like to share my reviews on products. Mostly hoping to have some great conversations about any topics or daily life subjects and hearing your experiences or advance that you would love to share. 


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